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Pendjari National Park ensures the well-being of visitors and employees

The well-being of visitors and employees in Pendjari National Park is our number one priority. In accordance with the international guidelines of the WHO and UNWTO, the Pendjari National Park management team has implemented a strategy to minimize the risks of COVID-19 contamination. This document lists the strategies and activities that have been put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors, their guides, and employees. We ask you to do as much as possible to respect these measures so that together we can stop this virus once and for all.


  • Availability of hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers and hand washing stations at the entrance to the Park and at strategic points at Pendjari Lodge (restaurant, reception, relaxation area).
  • All our employees wear the sanitary mask and wash their hands every 30 minutes.
  • We disinfect the common areas (e.g. toilets, relaxation area) every 30 minutes.
  • After each departure, we clean, disinfect, and ventilate (for a minimum of 3 hours) each room before the next guest moves in.
  • Towels for drying your hands in the toilet area are for single use only. Please dispose of them properly
  • The napkins are washed immediately after the guest has finished his meal.
  • All glasses, cups, plates, and cutlery are subject to strict washing and disinfection rules.
  • We provide each guest with a pen for check-in, which is disinfected immediately after use.
  • We have increased the frequency of checking the chlorine and PH parameters in the pool and the stabilizer level.
  • Total and immediate disinfection of the Safari vehicle of the lodge after each service.


  • All independent guides have been trained to follow good sanitary practices when they bring their clients to the park.
  • Staff at Pendjari Lodge and at the welcome area in Batia have been trained to follow good sanitary practices when they take care of the client (e.g. wearing masks, hand washing, social distancing).

Respect for social distancing in the Park and at Pendjari Lodge.

  • All our public tourist places are open, which facilitates social distancing.
  • We do not exceed 50% capacity in the rooms or in the restaurant.
  • Our employees are required to respect the distancing instructions whenever possible.
  • The tables in the restaurant are at least 2.5 meters apart.
  • We have a table service where our waiters will take your orders without you having to move.
  • Sun loungers are placed at least 1 meter apart.
  • We have put distance indicators on the floor at the reception desk to avoid contact between customers.
  • We impose a distance of 1m between all passengers in the Safari vehicle of the lodge.

Other measures put in place to minimize the risk of contamination

  • We monitor the temperature of each employee, every morning, to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 38˚C. If it does, the employee will be quarantined, and health services will be notified.
  • We check the temperature of each visitor upon arrival at Pendjari Lodge to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 38˚C. If this is the case, the sanitary services will be notified.
  • Employees are required to report to the manager any cases of COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough and breathing difficulties) at their level, at the level of their colleagues or at the level of guests.

NB: If you observe symptoms in colleagues, clients or staff, please inform the Park management immediately.