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Tanongou Waterfalls

Tanongou Waterfalls

The Tanongou waterfalls have two large cascades with clean and safe natural pools for swimming. You can spend a few hours there cooling off in the water, relaxing on the rocks and admiring the surrounding lush vegetation. You may even come across the local diving team showing off their jaw-dropping jumps from the heights of the rocky outcrops.

Tanongou is only 12km from the entrance to Pendjari and on route from Tanguieta, making it an ideal stop on your way to or from the park. Entrance to the waterfalls is 1,000 FCFA per person and a local guide will escort you to ensure your safety.

There is a bustling market on Sundays, which is worth a visit to enjoy the colourful sights and sounds of West African village life. A local homestay is available for those who wish to immerse themselves further into Beninese culture, and local trekking tours are also on offer. Ask your guide for more information.